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I live just outside of Houston, TX which has had historic flooding and I have still been able to close two sales on a day when you can't even leave your home due to all the water. My sales today are $680.00 and it is only noon. -Kathy G.

Great Experience! -Miranda and Ferrondo A.

VSM Group

You're the reason we're doing this and we love hearing from you! If, for any reason, you have a question or would like to give us feedback, please contact us at your convenience. We take great pleasure in nurturing open relationships with our customers. We make it convenient and easy to get in touch with us.

As a student, you have access to your coach who is available for extended hours. You can contact them by email, phone or with our live online chat.

We'll respond as quickly as possible to your question or feedback, so please take a moment to reach out to us. We look forward to working with you!

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VSM Group
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Phone: 1 (888) 280-7759

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Our goal as a company is to help stimulate the economy one student at a time by giving them the tools, training, and support they need to take charge of their own financial freedom. We've helped thousands of individuals take control of their own financial future by helping them to harness the power of the Internet and make a real income online.

We strive to help our students focus on the most important things in life, like spending more time with their family and friends, vacationing, and spending time doing what they're passionate about. We also work to help eliminate the stress and worry of how the bills will be paid or how to make ends meet.

Unlike our competitors, we provide all the tools, training, and support that you'll need to be successful online. No need to sign up for a bunch of different services and try to piece everything together.

As a student, you will have industry leading tools that will ensure you are making the right decisions. With our Video Library of over 300 step-by-step videos, you will learn exactly what you need to do to be successful online. Our expert coaches will work with you one-on-one to ensure you are taking the right steps to success.


Wonderful Experience!

I finally sold 2 items close enough together that I got to ship them at the same time. I felt like that was a non-traditional milestone and was excited. It technically made both items slightly more profitable because I only had to make one trip to the post office! My coach is great and moves at my pace!

-Michelle S.

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