Our coach is fantastic! She is very encouraging. With having no way to measure our progress, her positive attitude keeps us going. We were so pleased when we got our first success with drop shipping. -Donald M.

My experience on eBay has been great! It's an easy way to make money, and my favorite thing is that I can do it straight from my sofa! My coach was very helpful in guiding me toward achieving this first milestone, and he has given me the foundation and skills that leave no doubt of my continued success. -Anne A.

I really enjoy looking for drop shippers to sell products — my coach is really helpful about teaching me the ins & outs about eBay
-Michael C.

We had highest ever sales this weekend!
-Peter N.

Every week with my coach I learn something new, and I am so thankful for his guidance. He answered all of my questions and was very helpful.
-Gary B.

First sale, and it feels great to be making money! The lessons and coaching are paramount!
-Buford T.

Our coach continues to encourage us to list as many products as possible. eBay has been excellent.
-Brenda H.

Selling on eBay is a lot of fun. My coach has been great, he has helped me keep my spirits up even though my stuff doesn't sell right away.
-Mathew G.

Our coach has been great leading us to have some success.
-Laura W.